"In computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the measure of things. Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning are just a few buzzwords for a technology that could appear to solve all the world's problems. At the same time, the world has realized that there are environmental problems that can no longer be put on the back burner. From waste emergencies to species extinction to climate change, we face challenges that must lead to a rethink. Sustainability is a maxim that holds out the prospect of a solution.

In this situation, it is obvious to use AI to promote sustainability. But one can also turn the tables and ask whether AI, as currently implemented, meets the requirements of sustainability in terms of resource demands. Finally, the more general question is whether AI is sustainable in the sense that its instantaneous guiding principles should remain valid for the future."

How can AI applications support sustainability? Is it realistic to assume that we can digitize the forest with each of its trees? Read the full article of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kahle in German here.