We’ve officially “space-lifted” off! GEO-CYCLE clinched the win in the “Space” category at the 18th SPG Idea Competition!


GEO-CYCLE stands for Geospatial Environmental Oversight for Coffee and Cocoa Yield, Conservation, and Livelihood Enhancement.

GEO-CYCLE, utilizing the advanced INI device, specifically addresses the EU Deforestation Regulation compliance for smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers by leveraging EGNSS technology for precise farm geolocation, combined with AI for deforestation analysis and yield predictions. This solution enhances traceability, ensures environmental compliance, and opens broader market access, thereby reinforcing the global agricultural supply chain towards sustainability. Through its integrated approach, GEO-CYCLE aims to transform sustainable agriculture practices, securing the future productivity of tropical farming.

📷 Photo by kphotography

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