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Origin is the no-headache EUTR compliant timber tracking documentation.

Fully Automated System

Fully automated, digital due diligence and risk assessment system for the timber industry.

Export Country Profiles

The risk of non-compliance with applicable harvesting and trade laws of exporting countries can be effectively assessed with integrated country profiles.

Easy Supply Chain Mapping

Precise supply chain mapping and historical data retrieval facilitate tracing of timber products to their origin.

Visualized Tracking

Progress of due diligence procedures can be tracked in real time, optimizing sales management.

Collaboration With Others

Online solution for data management and analysis that involves all required stakeholders in the due diligence process.

Effective Reporting

Reports can be quickly generated to showcase the transaction to government office.

Product Tag

Origin connects timber suppliers, distributors and producers to exchange product-related information. Combining the generated information on material flows and already existing in-sawmill tracking processes will finally enable end consumers to check on origin of timber in finished products like timber buildings, flooring or furniture with optical satellite data of the forests.

With the Product Tag, end consumers finally know where the timber in their furniture, wooden floors or house comes from.